Now Days Technology

Nowadays in the new era of technology, ICT (Information and Communication Technology) is one of the most important things in our life. Compare to the other country in the world, Malaysia is one of the lowest country that excellent in the use of technology especially ICT. ICT is an umbrella term that includes all technologies for the manipulation and communication of information. Because of that, ICT applications have become an important part of teaching and learning. The Ministry of Education has invested a huge effort in terms of funding and training to equip teachers and students with ICT skills. For example the Pikom (PERSATUAN Industri Komputer dan Multimedia) has created the ICT week to enhanced the usage of ICT. Integration of ICT in teacher education is influenced in a large part by two sets of factors include national policy and resources, and policies relating to curriculum development. Since the Government has introduced various of initiatives to facilitate the greater adoption and diffusion of ICT and to improve the education in Malaysia. But in integrating the ICT in Malaysia school, many issues and skills that has been provided to fulfill the mission and much challenge that we have to faces. The target that have been created by our government to fulfill their mission was “Vision 2020” which calls for sustained, productivity-driven growth, which will be achieve only with a technologically literate, critically thinking workforce prepared to participate fully in the global economy of the 21st century. In early years where the ICT have been introduce in education, many people think that is very hard to learn. But, in a few years we realize that ICT is important in enhance the school teaching and learning skills especially in the science subject. Because many information we can get from the uses of ICT. Other than that, the education in Malaysia has to be transform to integrating the ICT. Being one of the flagship applications in the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) , the success of the Malaysian Smart School is very important to the country. Our school has change to the smart school type where the aim of these Smart Schools is to help the country achieve the aims of the National Philosophy of Education as well as to foster the development of a workforce prepared to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Smart school is the school where whole the learning and teaching process involve the usage of ICT. In otherwise, other training and programmed also has been done by our goverment to archive the teacher performance in ICT. ICT Training in Schools and internet usage also can help the student to know more about ICT. But that is not enough.

There are challenges that happen in integrating the ICT in Malaysia school. Because of that, it is too hard for us to make sure in 2020 our mission become true. The challenge that we found is faced by the teacher itself where they are lack of knowledge about the ways to integrate ICT to enhance the curriculum. As we know the curriculum is one of the factors that can help in enhancing the ICT in school. They also inadequate teacher training opportunities for ICT projects in the same time lack of inadequate technical support for ICT projects . Besides, the absence of access to the necessary technology at the homes of students also include as the challenge in integrating the ICT. Other than that student also have problem because they are not enough access to the computer hardware because the facilities of technology is not enough for the whole student because in learning the ICT , more practical is needed compare to the theories. They have to practice using the technologies. The student also have not enough time in school schedule for projects that involving ICT because they have to focus on the other important subject. Not enough teacher training opportunities for ICT also is one of the challenge that make a problem in integrating ICT in Malaysian school and otherwise ICT integration is not a school priority because most of the teacher think that the most important for them is the student should be able to understand and pass their paper during the examination. So they always no concern about to integrate ICT in their school. Students also don’t have to access to the necessary technology at home especially the student that live in village or the student from the poor family.

As a conclusion, in integrating the ICT in Malaysian school, we have to give the full effort to avoid the challenges that we already faced . The effective skills also can be make to make sure in 2020, our mission accomplished.


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